Green Tiles
Paving Tiles
Shapes of paving tiles differ as per need and they are manufactured to fit into various surfaces. It provides consistent protections and resilience against the changing climatic conditions. It caters heavy duty surfaces such as commercial, industrial and recreational areas. Paving Tiles has shock absorbing qualities and it’s not slippery.

Rectangle Paver
The edged rectangular shape provides strength and smoothness to your pavements and also grants them a simplified yet attractive look. These pavers are shock absorbing and they are spikes and slips resistant.

Dimension :
110mm x 220mm x 45mm

I or Double T Design
Traditional tiles look simple and lack versatility to make the surface look fresh and attractive but as times change and markets grow; manufacturers begin developing more innovative ideas. ‘I or Double T Design’ is an outcome of such an idea. It has a trendy shape and looks beautiful when structured together.

Dimension :
200mm x 250mm


Rubber flooring can be kept either permanently or it can be locked. In several cases, Glue is not required because of the Interlocking designs for do-it-yourself installations. Thus, it is easy to make changes in installations.

•  Driveways
•  Pedestrian
•  Golf Clubs
•  Ice Arenas
•  Truck Boxes
•  Horse Trailers
•  Veterinary Clinics
•  Swimming Pools Areas
•  Equine Arenas

Dimension :

200mm x 250mm
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