Green Tiles
Interlock Mats
Interlocking tiles as the name suggest are designed with matching slots to provide exact fit to surface and added strength to the flooring by interlocking all pieces and make your flooring sturdy and wear and tear proof. These tiles give perfect fitting and smooth surfaces.

V - Interlock Mat
Flooring need not be always flashy but it should be safe and durable. V-Interlock Mat has finest quality to make your surface look fresh and posh. These mats give sparkling ambience to surfaces and it can be fixed at any places as per your needs.

Dimension :
500mm x 500mm

Available Thickness :
10mm to 25mm

40 - I Interlock Mat
These mats are interdependent on each other as it is designed with two different slots, which firmly fit and give smooth surface for your area.

Dimension :
1145mm x 1100mm

Available Thickness :

Few Startling Features:
•   Reduces noise, floor damage and injury.
•   Absorbs shock from exercise equipments and weights
•   Transportable, take the floor with you when you move
•   Extremely easy to maintain, just vacuum and damp mop as
Colour Availability

10%                   20%                   30%

It’s available in single colour as well as in combination on the basis of percentages of 10%, 30% and 50% EPDM granules.
Our ranges are used indoors and outdoors i.e. parks, kinder gardens, playgrounds and many other places.

•  Weight Rooms
•  Locker Rooms
•  Golf Course & Lounges
•  Multi Purpose Areas
•  Boat Docks
•  Spike Protection
•  Portable flooring
•  Nursing homes
•  Cardio Decks
•  Ski Lodges
•  In-Line Skating
•  Changing Areas
•  Steps, Patios & Deck
•  Lobbies
•  Showrooms
•  Exhibition stands
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