Green Tiles
Comfort and durability of green floor also serves ecological purposes along with playground needs. They are manufactured with safe and eco friendly measures keeping in mind the highest priorities of animal shelters. It is typically used for horse stables and walkways to provide high safety.

Equine Tiles
These tiles are available in several sizes, shapes and textures. They are easy to clean and maintain. Equine Tiles can be used at walkways, pathways, surrounding swimming pools and many such places.

Dimension :
1m x 1m
500mm x 200mm x 100mm

Colour Available:
Black, Red, Green

H Paver
It has amazingly crafty design and looks incredibly attractive. H Paver gives refreshing look to your surfaces and makes your walking experience comfortable. H Paver fits perfectly with other tiles as it is designed with slots. Its shape also provides gripping and comfort for the horse hooves.

Dimension :
304mm x 304mm

6 – H Paver
Positive effects of having 6–H Paver is you get strong chain of tiles along with overall bonding. This design makes your surfaces look lavish and gives smooth appearance. It is comfortable to walk and has its reliable quality keeps your feet0 stress free.

Dimension :
912mm x 528mm


Features are as follows
•  Top Quality with Drainage Fall
•  Easy Maintenance &Installations
•  Non-slippery
•  Durable
•  Comfortable for Walking
•  Anti-Fatigue
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